A mass gain for a vegan is possible, certainly a little more difficult than a mass gain
for a person consuming everything, but achievable without any problem. You still need to
know how to eat to promote muscle growth as well as combine adequate rest and intensive
training, let's take a closer look at this.

Can you gain muscle by being a vegan?

To answer this question, we must assume that mass gain is not specifically related to a type of
diet, but rather to the achievement of certain nutritional needs. To put it simply, it is
important to understand that mass gain is intimately linked to a good protein dosage, which
means that if you absorb the amount of protein your body needs, then no matter what diet you
follow, you will develop muscles. A vegan can, therefore, gain mass if he follows this base.

Sources of Vegetable protein

There are more sources of vegetable protein than you might think, including peanuts,
fenugreek, beans, lentils, lightweights, soybeans and, to a lesser extent, oats, rice, bulgur,
millet, barley, rye, and many others. Of course, they are not the most protein-rich foods, but
they are the richest for people who do not consume products from animal exploitation or
animal flesh. It may also be interesting to include hemp, which contains essential amino acids
that are needed for body reconstruction, in your diet. Another source of protein and fiber that
can only be interesting to incorporate into your diet will be brown rice protein.
In doing so, you will need to make sure that your diet remains balanced. For example, there is
risk of consuming too much grain and therefore too much carbohydrate, or too much fat if
you place too much emphasis on foods such as oilseeds.

Sources of amino acids

To compensate for not eating meat, it will be necessary to include certain foods rich in amino
acids in your diet. To do this, you will be able to eat red peppers or tomatoes, asparagus,
broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or spinach.

Amino acids are very important because they will allow the construction of the muscle, its
repair, as well as the recovery of the metabolism, we usually talk about essential amino acids,
because your body needs them.

The advantages of plant-based proteins

The fact that we have to consume proteins of vegetable origin does not only have
disadvantages because, even if we have to combine several foods to have different protein
sources, mainly because no animal will do the work upstream, proteins of vegetable origin
I have a great interest. Unlike animal proteins, which take a long time to digest, the proteins
you will find in plants are much faster to digest, so there is a strong interest in consuming this
type of product, even for people who eat meat. It is always interesting to vary protein sources,
already to vary your diet, but also to recover different minerals, vitamins, and proteins.

Mass building supplements


Very interesting, especially when you have a little trouble filling your meals with amino
acids, BCAAs will be ideal for ensuring an effective weight gain. You will thus increase the
rate of protein synthesis in order to facilitate your muscle development.


Very useful for good development and excellent recovery, vitamins are simple to take
and can compensate for a lack. Generally, the vegan diet includes food that is fairly rich in
vitamins, if you eat a lot of fruit.