Given all the attention gravitating around fitness and healthy lifestyles, the ketogenic diet has become the center of focus in the world of weight-loss trends. This diet's unique feature is the assent to eat delicious fatty food such as red meats, cheese, butter, and sausages while giving up all sources of carbs, including grains, starchy vegetables, juices, baked goods, and high sugar fruits.

In addition to weight loss, people on ketosis noticed other health benefits like feeling more energized, resolving acne, and thinking more clearly. Despite the shedding of weight being very fast and prominent, not everyone reaches their desired results. Because the main issue when it comes to diets is that you have to stick to the instructions and apply them correctly, and a lot of people fail for this straightforward reason. In this article, we will uncover six common keto diet mistakes that are holding you back from achieving your goals.

  1. consuming too many proteins:moderate amounts of meat are required; the protein portion should not exceed 20%. Otherwise, the body will turn proteins into glucose, hindering its ability to enter the state of ketosis. Which you obviously don't want to happen. Additionally, too many proteins may damage the kidney. Thus, the keto diet is not advisable for people with kidney failure.
  2. not having enough electrolytes: the extremely low carbs intake will clear the glycogen reserves and reduce insulin secretion. The carbs stores contribute to maintaining water inside the body. As they get emptied during ketosis, water is excreted through urine, breath, and sweat, and electrolytes are flushed along with water loss.
  3. Not reading food labels:It is a ridiculous but common mistake, understanding food labels is important for monitoring calories and carbs that go inside your food. Before you purchase the seemingly low sugar product, make sure you carefully switch it around and check the nutrition-related information on the label.
  4. Not drinking enough water:as mentioned above, ketosis is associated with excessive flushing of water, along with vitamins, minerals, and electrolytes from your body. Thus, in the first days of the diet, you may experience frequent urination and reduced bloating. The dehydration related to ketosis is the reason behind the much-known keto flu. Therefore, drinking plentiful water and eating veggies and fruits are required.
  5. eyeballing macronutrients:the secret to keto diet's success is the careful monitoring of anything that goes inside your mouth. Following the high-fat low carb regimen correctly requires more than giving a gross appreciation of the amount of food you are eating; you need to weigh and register everything on your plate. Thus, you sustain the right proportions of fat, carbs, and proteins.
  6. having too many cheat meals:unlike other diets, the ketogenic diet does not allow cheat meals, because those meals are usually high in carbs, eating one cheat meal will draw out your body of the ketosis state, and you will have to start all over again. However, you cannot ignore your cravings forever. You can indulge with very thin crust pizza or cauliflower crust pizza.