The most challenging aspect of sustaining a diet is not the endless counting of calories, nor the diet planning or the meals cooking. It is the ability to fight food cravings.

Because of the nature of most diets being full of vegetables, fruits, and low carb foods, people usually crave what they cannot get, most often junk food, which is high in carbs and bad fats.

Cravings are the main culprit behind people's failure to lose weight and subsequently abandoning their diets. Food cravings can particularly impede the outcome of a diet if the latter requires the maintenance of a metabolic state like ketosis to burn fats. Eating even minute amounts of carbs during a keto or intermittent fasting will break the ketosis and effortlessly setbacks all the progress into the beginning point.

Craving the sugary and sweet food have an addiction like mechanism, sugar fires off the feel-good molecules within the brain, including serotonin, dopamine, and other calming endorphins. This impact on the brain triggers one to seek this effect repeatedly by the craving of sugar-filled foods. Moreover, because the brain uses the sugar to fuel its cells, the brain regards the sugar as a reward, and consuming it in high amounts leads to a reinforcement of the reward pathway, making it difficult to break the habit.

Making small, steady changes in the way you eat will set your brain free of the sugar hype and make an end to the unsettling cravings hindering your diet.

In this article, we will enlist four efficient ways with which you can kick the habit of abusing sugar and withstand your food cravings.

Drink water

The body often confuses signals sent from the brain. What seems to be hunger may actually be thirst.

As soon as a food craving hits, try drinking a large glass of water, you may be surprised to find out that the craving fades away after a few minutes because it was a thirst signal. This way, you can dodge a fake food craving cue.

Moreover, drinking plenty of water is a healthy habit, drinking water before meals mitigate the appetite and, consequently, reduces the amount of food you eat, furthermore aiding in weight loss.

Eat proteins

Eggs, tofu, nuts, or seeds are all consistent foods filled with proteins that satisfy the hunger for a long time. Reducing appetite and just like water, keeping you from overeating.

You may be craving foods rich in fat or carbs, but when fulfilling those hunger bursts with proteins, you'll feel full for a durable part of the day, and thus, you'll manage to keep those cravings aside.

Fight the stress

Has a significant influence on eating behaviors, especially for women.

Stress may trigger food cravings. Studies showed that women under stressful conditions consume more calories and exhibit more hunger bursts than non-stressed women.

Therefore, combatting stress with exercise, meditation, or the practice of hobbies will enhance your eating habits.

Take spinach extract

If playing mental games around your mind to forget the hunger is not your suit, you should try the easy option of spinach supplements. Spinach extracts delay the digestion of fatty food, releasing certain satiety hormones that suppress appetite and prolong the span of feeling full.

Studies showed that women who took spinach supplements amidst their meals experienced a significant reduction in sugary food cravings by a whopping 90%.