Veganism is becoming increasingly popular. People adopt veganism as a lifestyle for ethical, environmental, or health-related reasons.

When applied correctly, veganism is vouched to result in a trimmer waistline and a blooming skin. If you set a goal to become a vegan, you are doing good both to yourself and the planet.

Being vegan is a learning curve. Where you constantly search and fathom new strands of veganism and discover new hacks and recipes. Like any lifestyle changes, it takes effort, time, and great courage and curiosity. No one can manage to convert to a true vegan overnight. Fortunately, the world is now more familiar with this concept as it is becoming easier to purchase vegan foods. The supermarkets accommodated to the needs of vegetarians, offering a wide range of products from many types of plant-based milk to veggie burgers that bleed.

In the kitchen, having a few vegan food hacks under your sleeves will undoubtedly save you time and energy, as it will help you meet your nutritional needs. These are some recipes and kitchen tips that will give you a firmer grasp on the ropes of veganism:

Replacing Eggs

Finding an alternative for eggs in certain recipes can be a challenge. But you can use aquafaba or chia seeds.

Aquafaba is the liquid remaining after cooking chickpeas. It is a gooey egg-like substance. When you whip it with an electric mixer, it becomes creamy, and you gain a healthy alternative for egg whites.

You can also use chia seeds, which you mix with water (3 parts of water for one part of chia seeds), blend, and put them into the refrigerator. Then it becomes a gooey liquid that you can use as a substitute for eggs for a variety of recipes.

Heat the Dairy-free Milk

When switching to non-dairy milk, you'll find if often to curdle in your hot drinks. This is especially annoying when mixing it with hot coffee. Try heating your milk beforehand for a smooth drink.

If you find it hard to familiarize yourself with the taste of dairy milk, look for plant-based milk without added vitamins or fillers as these contribute to the aftertaste.

Bananas Instead of Eggs for cookies or Ice-Creams

Bananas also make a suitable substitute for eggs for certain recipes. to make healthy instant ice-cream, store peeled bananas in the freezer to blend them with cocoa powder or fruits or peanut butter according to your choice for a cold, tasty treat.

You can also use bananas in cookies. to prepare a fast oat banana cookie that will take only 15 minutes, mash up two ripe bananas with two cups of oat and 1/4 cup raisins, mix everything promptly, shape up your cookies and bake them at 180 celsius for 15 minutes.

A Vegan Tuna Salad

For a quick lunch that is devoid of the notorious mercury, mix a cup of mashed up chickpeas, sunflower seeds, chopped onion, and vegan mayo as a substitute for tuna to make a vegan tuna flavored salad that is both healthy and nutritious.