The most challenging part of dieting is making and sticking to new healthy habits. Great self-control is needed when the veggies salad is foisted on you while you watch your friends or family enjoying the taste of fatty bites with sugary drinks. The good news is there is an effective solution for your unhealthy mealโ€™s cravings. It is a solution that you will love because it involves treating yourself with your favorite foods without feeling any guilt. The answer is known as the ”cheat meals.” It basically consists of taking a break from your low-calorie eating plan once or twice a weak. Unlike the casual midnight snacks diet-cheating that you refuse to admit, the cheat meals are carefully planned and calculated. They are part of your diet.

As new strategies and methods are created every day to fight the uprising obesity pandemic, dieters and fitness enthusiasts were surprised to discover that cheat meals when applied correctly proved to help to sustain a diet for the long term. Not only boosting the ability to lose weight but also offering psychological relief.

How Is Cheating On Your Diet A Good Thing?

It seems a bit counter-intuitive that breaking some of your regimen rules can help you reach the desired weight loss results. The theory behind this revolves around the concept of rewarding yourself. After staying active and eating clean for the better part of the week, you are allowed to indulge in eating the food you like for one meal or one day. By rewarding yourself at the end of the week, you ward off the feelings of deprivation, and you are more likely to stick to your diet for a longer time. Which eventually helps in improving your ability to lose weight.

The cheat meals' impact is not limited to the psychological and mental side. It affects the body's metabolism as well. Leptin, a hormone involved in the regulation of satiety and hunger, its primary function is to suppress hunger feelings. Eating one meal that is high in calories will temporarily trick your mind into secreting more of this hormone, leaving you feeling satisfied and full for more extended periods while preventing your desires for rebound overeating.

Furthermore, a cheat meal will replenish glycogen stores and keep energy metabolism and fat-torching mechanisms high.

Cheat Meals And Not Cheat Days

Weight loss only happens when you are deficient in calories, either by exercising or dieting. Many people tend to overestimate the number of calories they think they lost during the gym session and underestimate the calories they eat as well. While incorporating the cheat meals into your eating pattern, you should be careful not to alter your calories deficit equation into a surplus equation.

Bottom line

Seeing those social media photos of extremely fit celebrities next to a greasy fast food meal may encourage you to adopt the cheat meal strategy. Though it is efficient to boost weight loss and give you mental relief from strict diets, it should be applied correctly. That is rewarding yourself for hard work and not reverting back to unhealthy habits that caused you the weight gain in the first place.