Adele has always been one of the prominent figures of body positivity. She firmly believes that a person's value is not in the shape of his or her body. The award-winning singer is a unique character, not only because of her bluesy, fervent voice or her ability to make you cry over someone you don't even know, Adele also has a strong personality. She did not let the several comments about her body tear her down. The talented singer often responded to these comments with a simple shrug as if the way her body looks has nothing to do with her powerful and creative work.

Nonetheless, when Adele posted photos of her 32nd birthday on her Instagram account her fans were left stunned. The famous singer was almost unrecognizable. She certainly has lost a lot of weight, reportedly seven stones, and she looked great. While most of her fans felt positive about this new change, many thought that Adele has finally surrendered to conform to society's beauty standards. Adele's epic transformation stirred endless questions and opinions. The most important of which is how did she lose half her weight in a short span? And what was the reason behind her decision to lose weight?

In this article, we will reveal the secrets behind Adele's transformation and the incentives behind it.

What Motivated Adele To Lose Weight?

While the talented singer has always considered her body irrelevant to her career, she kept her reasons to herself. But some theories could be derived from the unusual circumstances in her personal life before her weight loss. Adele went through major stressful events, from the abiding duties of her major career to her filing for divorce from her ex-husband Simon Koneke and the obligations of motherhood.

Adele also suffered from postpartum depression after the birth of her son Angelo Adkins.

Postpartum depression is a common and pressing mental issue. Women usually experience feelings of emptiness, sadness, or emotionlessness for 3 or 5 days after giving birth. The reason for this is thought to be related to hormonal changes in the woman's body. During pregnancy, the female hormones (estrogen and progesterone) are at their highest level. Their chief role is to keep the pregnancy going. Additionally, these hormones enhance the mood and improve the regeneration of cells. Thus, women notice glowing hair and skin during pregnancy.

After childbirth, the levels of estrogen and progesterone suddenly drop. Scientists think that this sudden curb in hormone levels triggers the postpartum mood swings known as the baby blues. The mechanism behind it resembles the one behind the mood swings of the regular menstrual cycle. Only Postpartum depression lasts for more than two weeks and is associated with more severe mental issues.

Adele coped with the struggles of her postpartum depression and the stressful events of divorce by adopting a healthier lifestyle. According to her nutritionists, Adele never wanted to be skinny or to conform to social standards of beauty. The incentives behind her dramatic weight loss were far beyond creating the model body for the album photos, as the famous singer carved her path to success with only talent and skill. Adele merely wanted to be a healthier person for herself and her son.

Words from her personal trainer Pete Geracimo confirmed the truth behind her motivation: When Adele and I started our journey together, it was never about getting super skinny. It was about getting her healthy. Especially post-pregnancy and post-surgery. When 25 dropped and the tour announced, we had to get ready for a 13-month grueling schedule. In that time, she warmed to training and made better food choices.

Inside of Adele's Weight Loss Program

The three things that helped Adele achieve her weight goal are a special diet called a sirt food diet, regular exercises, and sufficient night sleep.

The Sirt Food Diet:

Adele credited this diet for helping her make the cut in her weight. The sirt food diet was created by two nutritionists from the United kingdom. They launched it in their book ”The Sirtfood Diet.”

The diet's main focus is to improve health, slow the aging process and reduce general inflammation. Weight loss in this diet is secondary to the renewing and enhancement of the body's metabolism.

The premise is to activate specific genes that code for a group of proteins called the sirtuins. This class of proteins maintains cellular health at the molecular level. Sirtuins are mainly involved in the regulation of metabolism.

The sirtuins diet is rich in antioxidants called phytonutrients and phenols, which accelerates the production of sirtuins. Research continues to provide evidence for the potential health capacities of antioxidants; the activation of the sirtuins proteins balances the metabolism, leading to a slower aging process, reduced inflammation mediators, and burning of excess weight.

The foods rich in these antioxidants are called ”sirt foods,” which include apples, strawberries, red wine, blueberries, soybean, dark chocolate (85 percent cocoa), kale, matcha green tea, onions, and olive oil.

The diet gained much attention because it allows red wine and dark chocolate, each is packed with antioxidants.

Regular Exercise and Workouts

To lose weight, you have to create a shortage in your daily calories, either by reducing your daily intake or by burning the excess of calories, and Adele did both.

Her personal trainer mentioned that Adele kept her exercising regimen diverse and fun. She had two to three training sessions per week where she did everything from weight training and boxing to resistance band. According to Adele's trainer, she particularly focused on reformer pilates and HIIT workouts.

Getting Enough Sleep

Adele's stressful life put a toll on her health, and it was the main reason she decided to change her lifestyle. Adele focused on giving her body the rest it needs even with the responsibilities of her demanding career and child.

The Outlook

Adele's inspiring transformation is the result of hard work. The admired singer has always been an icon for body's positivity, and her recent weight loss was part of her resolution to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.