The comfort zone is where you feel comfortable. When you are in this zone, you put
in a minimum of effort and also get a minimum of results. What's even greater is that when
you're in this zone, no one torments you, because you always perform to the minimum
requirements, either by yourself or your employer. In short, it's a minimum of effort that
leads to a minimum of results. Sometimes you may want to get out of it because you need
new challenges, but you quickly revert to your old habits in the face of the task at hand.

An Infinite Motivation

The advantage when you start to step outside your comfort zone is that you push your
potential to the point where you go beyond what you previously thought was insurmountable.
And going beyond them makes us all the more motivated to keep going, to want more, and to
become better.

These values are valid in the world of sport. Let's take a concrete example: I do jogging 2 to 3
times a week, for a similar length of time each time and at a pace that I've finally set myself,
so I'm in my comfort zone when it comes to running. Be careful, we are not saying that the
comfort zone is a zone to be avoided, and we will never criticize regular athletes who have
found their training rhythm. But as sportsmen and women, we all have the desire to test our
limits, to surpass ourselves, and to show everyone that our potential can only explode. This
temptation is stronger for some people who then turn to physical and sporting activities that
are restrictive, exhausting, forcing the athlete to feel exhausted at the end of each training
session, but what a feeling all the same!

Exceed Your Limits

Exceeding one's own limits starts by doing a little more than was planned each time, making
us proud of each training, each attempt, and each audacity. This is where everyone is likely to
become aware of his or her inner potential, which is much greater than we might think.
So don't be afraid to step out of this comfort zone we all know, dare to turn to new disciplines
you've never tried before such as Crossfit, cardio-boxing or HIIT (High-Intensity Interval
Training). It's hard, it hurts, we won't say otherwise. But what could be better than revealing
your sporting potential!

Getting Out of your Comfort Zone

It's perfectly normal to have a comfort zone, but what's abnormal is to always stay in it
without having the courage to get out of it. Sometimes you have to be daring to get the results
you want. I often compare humans to snow crabs. If he wanted to, the snow crab could stay
very small, but he wants to grow. To do so, it will drink water until its shell explodes. For a
while, it will be quite vulnerable to predators because it will have no shell to defend itself. On
the other hand, the day its new shell is rebuilt, it will be twice as big and twice as powerful.