Sticking with a workout routine isn't always easy. There are instances where you lose inspiration, especially during a long and tiring day. In saying this, there are a lot of ways to keep your levels of motivation high while pursuing a healthy and fit lifestyle, and the one that is gaining global attention now, is Essential oils.

Essential oils are also known as volatile oils and are derived from the stem, leaves, roots, flowers, and other various parts of the plants. They can promote motivation, energy, endurance, and focus. You can use them to soothe sore muscles, lower heart rate, and ease any other aches that you may have.

You might want to try these essential oils before, after or during a workout;

1.) Lemongrass

Applying lemongrass Essential Oil after a workout will help to decrease muscle inflammation
that can be caused by exercises. By using this oil, you can exercise the next day without any
extreme muscle aches. It freshens the air, reduces stress, and uplifts the mood.

It can be diluted and applied topically or diffused into the air and inhaled.

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2.) Peppermint

Used as the wake-up call that you need for that early morning spin class. This essential
oil will brighten you up and will help you to boost your mood. It is also used to support healthy
breathing during exercise. While working out, your breathing accelerates. You can use Peppermint essential oil in your nasal passages to allow you to breathe normally.

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3.) Eucalyptus


Eucalyptus provides not only a soothing effect but it can actually help support your mood and energy as well as you prepare to workout. A whiff of eucalyptus supports a sustained positive mind. It also provides comfort for the strains and tears muscles may experience during exercise and can also help to reduce inflammation. Spray it on the body before starting a warm-up.

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4.) Lemon

It has been shown that Lemon may help suppress weight gain and improve your metabolism. It can also be diffused in the air and inhaled as it has a calming and soothing effect, thus promoting relaxation. Lemon essential oil is also a natural stress reliever as it stimulates essential and non-essential amino acid production, which can help decrease anxiety. Just put a few drops on your wrist and rub in before working out.

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5.) Marjoram

This oil consists of calming and relaxing properties and can do wonders with your muscles.
Before you start your workout, you can rub marjoram oil on your legs, arms, and back, in order to
soothe aches, and to release tension occurs in your muscles.

Marjoram essential oil helps cure insomnia as it relieves nervousness, anxiety, and tension – all of which can inhibit to fall asleep soundly.

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