1. Push-up

Main muscles exercised: pectorals, triceps.

When you're exercising at home without equipment, it's hard to miss the push-up. This bodyweight exercise is a must to strengthen your pectorals and offers many possibilities. Among them, are you familiar with the push-ups? It consists of doing a push-up, placing the chest on the ground by briefly raising the hands, and pushing with the arms to return to the initial position. Putting the torso on the ground will increase the intensity and the feeling of stretching.

2. Reverse pronation rowing

Main muscles exercised: large dorsal, large round, trapezius, posterior deltoid (back of the shoulders).

Two chairs and a broomstick are enough to strengthen his back at home. Stand between the two chairs and grasp the handle in a pronation grip (palms facing down). Then pull with your arms and contract your back to bring your chest to the level of the handle, while remaining sheathed, with your back straight.

3. HSPU for beginners

Main muscles exercised: deltoids (shoulders).

In CrossFit, HSPU stands for Hand Stand Push-Ups. Concretely, this shoulder exercise
consists of doing push-ups against a wall while standing upside down on a straight shaft.
Here we offer a simplified version that is easy to do at home.
Place your knees on a chair and your hands about 20 centimeters apart. Bend then stretch
your arms out while keeping your back straight. This inclination allows you to give priority to
the deltoid muscles.

4. Dips

Main muscles exercised: triceps.

The dips exercise, world-famous for strengthening the triceps, can be done in an infinite
variety of ways. To do it at home, this muscle-building movement requires 1 or 2 chairs.

  • For beginners, place your hands flat on the edge of a chair and your feet on the
    ground, then bend and extend your arms.
  • For the more experienced, feet can also be placed on the edge of a second chair
    (outstretched legs).
  • Finally, for the experts, you can make dips between two chairs with your feet in the
    air. Here you will support your entire body weight.

5. The chair

Main muscles exercised: quadriceps.

The chair is a great classic for strengthening your thighs (especially the quadriceps muscles)
at home without equipment. In its classic version, this exercise is performed with both feet
on the floor, legs bent at 90° and back pressed against a wall, in isometric contraction
(without moving). It can also be performed on 1 leg in order to increase the intensity.

6. Hip Thrust

Main muscles exercised: buttocks.

Ideal for strengthening the buttocks, the Hip Thrust exercise is easy to do at home. All you
need is a chair, bench, or sofa.
With your upper back resting on the chair, raise your buttocks to the maximum, contract
your large buttocks for 1 to 2 seconds, then release.

7. Crunch

Main muscles exercised: abdominals.

The crunch is a great classic to build up your abs without equipment at home.
Position yourself on your back, legs bent. Place your hands on your temples. While
contracting your abdominal muscles, raise your bust a few centimeters then return to the
initial position, always keeping your abdominal muscles under tension. At each repetition,
you should feel your abs working.