Endurance training is important no matter what type of sport or objective. In
general, people either love or hate endurance training. Distribute these 5 exercises over a
week to be able to recover sufficiently and avoid injury. Follow the warm-ups below before
each workout. Some workouts will contain additional exercises.
Basic warm-up: Walk and then hop around or run for 5-10 minutes. Then do some dynamic
mobility exercises such as heel walking, knee lifts, quadriceps pulls, heel-buttock, etc.

1. Exercise to develop speed

Distance: 90 meters (to work on speed), 120 meters or 150 meters (to work on endurance)
divided into three equal distances marked by blocks.
Repetitions: Between 3 and 5
Rhythm: Your race is divided into three. Run the first part at full throttle then “float”
(slightly decrease power to maintain speed) during the second part and accelerate again to
full throttle for the last part. For example, if you have chosen a 120-meter race, run 40
meters at full throttle and then “float” for 40 meters (decrease power slightly to maintain
speed) before accelerating to full throttle again for the last 40 meters.
Recovery: Rest completely between each. When you have completed all the reps, relax for
5-10 minutes. Finish the session with foam roller exercises focusing on your thighs and hip

2. Endurance and speed

Distance: 200 meters or 30 seconds of effort
Repetitions: Between 8 and 12
Rhythm: 95 percent of your maximum effort. (If your maximum effort is 35 seconds over
200 meters, the slowest pace you should adopt is 37 seconds).                                                                                      Recovery: complete recovery between reps (3-4.5 minutes). Walk or run slowly.

3. Training at the maximum aerobic speed

Place 20-meter markers at each end of a 100-meter track to create a recovery zone.
Distance: 100 meters
Recovery: 50 meters in twice the time it takes you to run 100 meters (If you run 100 meters
in 20 seconds, recover 50 meters in 20 seconds)
Repetitions: 3 sets of 5-minute intervals. [Do 100-meter sprints followed by a 50-meter
recovery time for a full five minutes.]
Rhythm: Your rhythm

4. Threshold training

Extra warm-ups: When warming up for this workout, run a little longer than the minimum 5
minutes. At the end of the warm-up, accelerate for 3-4 minutes. This will ensure you get the
best possible workout.
Distance: Between 700 and 1500 meters (approximately 3:30 to 6 minutes per repetition
but never more than 30 minutes in total).
Repetitions: Between 5 and 7
Rhythm: Slightly faster than your usual pace
Recovery: Approximately 60 to 75 percent of your training time (a 5-minute effort requires
about 3 minutes to 3:45 minutes of recovery).

5. VO2 Max workouts

Distance: 300, 400, or 500 meters (Choose the distance you travel in less than 75 seconds).
Repetitions: Between 6 and 10
Rhythm: Slightly faster than the rhythm of training 3.
Recovery: Half the distance in the same amount of time (if you run 300 meters in one
minute, run slowly 150 meters in one minute to recover).