Holidays are for the warm and joyful moments you share with friends and family, and often they are also about mouth-watering feasts, including Thanksgiving dinner, slabs of moist turkey, endless desserts, snacks, and drinks. After which, you may start worrying about the insane calorie s intake, feeling like you are completely thrown off track of your fitness game. Now let us make one thing clear, you can and should enjoy a holiday feast on a cheat day and still survive it. If you manage to get soon back to your diet and fitness routine, the holidays will leave no effect on your health life.

Because holidays are not the time to sit tense and calculate calories, there is no need to beat yourself up for indulging a bit more on a cheat day. What is more important is to wake up the next morning, ready to burn the previous weekend s calories. In this article, we will cover tips for getting back on track after a holiday cheat day.

Before the tips, let me show you how a long-term change can easily make up for a one-day indulgence. Let us say you consumed 8300 calories by the end of the weekend while you are supposed to eat no more than 2000 calories for one day. So, you end up eating double your normal portions for two days and thus gaining 4300 calories in two days. The worst-case scenario is you lost a few days of progress. And so, reaching your goal weight will be a few days late.

But if you cut 600 calories out of each day for the rest of the week, meaning that you consume 1400 calories. By the end of the week, the extra 4300 calories are negated by the daily 600 calories deficit, and you will still be up to date with your fitness routine as if the last weekend feast did not happen at all. When you look into the long-term results, you realize that stressing over a one-day dip in your plan is meaningless because it is recoverable. Maybe shaving off 600 calories of your daily intake is a bit extreme, but so is gaining few pounds over a holiday. And if it ever happens, you should know that most of the weight is merely water. In a more realistic situation, you will find yourself with a 1000 calories add-on, and thus you should cut only 150 calories for the rest of the week, which is very feasible.

As you can see, being flexible with your diet while maintaining good habits is possible without derailing your health plans especially during happy holiday festivals.

Ways To Help You Get Back On Track After Holiday Cheat Days


1. Drink Plenty Of Water

Staying hydrated during or after an episode of indulging is especially important. Because water is not only good for your overall health, it also helps with a quicker recovery by minimizing your appetite.

Several studies showed that subjects who upped their water intake before meals had their number calories intake dropped by 17%.

In addition to keeping your cravings under control, drinking water also levels up your metabolism.

One study backed this theory by showing that people who increased their water intake by 500 ml had their rest metabolism-boosting up energy expenditure by 40%.

So, staying hydrated will curb your appetite and keep the snack urges under control, allowing for a manageable cheat day indulgence.

2. Sleep It Off

You may reckon that getting a good night's sleep after a good filling of the stomach is the last thing to help with weight loss. But sleep is particularly crucial to get on the right foot for the next morning.

It is critical to block the holiday from spilling into the rest of your weekdays and luring you away from your old routine. A lack of sleep will make it more difficult to get up early, and it will also reduce your attention to the new challenges.

A study that involved more than 1000 people ‎found that a lack of sleep is associated with ‎higher levels of ghrelin and lowers levels of ‎leptin. Thus, sleep deprivation leads to ‎increased appetite and weight gain.‎

It is always a good idea to go to bed early at ‎the end of your holiday cheat day so you can ‎get enough sleep for a fresh start the next ‎morning.

3. Have A Healthy Breakfast

The right way to stop holiday food ‎from seeping into your lifestyle is by starting ‎your day right. Do not skip the next morning s ‎breakfast as some kind of punishment. ‎Instead, you should start your day with a ‎healthy meal that will put you right back on ‎track with your old health routine.‎

Getting your day off with a healthy start will ‎help you make healthier choices for the rest ‎of it. A good breakfast should have enough ‎proteins and fibers that will keep your ‎appetite under control and keep you from ‎binging later on.‎

4. Begin Exercising

Whether working out was part of your old ‎health plan or not, exercising is essential to ‎clear your mind and to burn those extra ‎calories build-up. ‎

After a big holiday s binge, the sooner you get ‎back into practicing your old healthy habits, ‎the better. And exercising should be first on ‎your list. Because exercising will not only help ‎you lose the gained weight at a faster rate, it ‎will also boost your confidence, allowing you ‎to get rid of the quilt and stress of overeating.‎

In addition to burning calories, regular ‎exercise helps with weight loss keeping the ‎appetite under control. It ‎curbs the urges of binge eating, which is ‎useful to block ‎ an episode of overeating ‎from derailing your routine.‎

Bottom Line

It is okay to give yourself a good treat on holidays day, as long as you keep it under control. When weighing yourself after a holiday feast, it is important to not stress or panic when the numbers on the scale are jumping up. Remember that long consistent effort can easily wipe out yesterday's indulgences.

So, how exactly can you get back on track after a holiday cheat? By sticking to the same healthy habits that put you on track in the first place. Starting with a good night's sleep and healthy breakfast for a fresh beginning.