With a dumbbell in each hand, you will make what is called a curl: arms stretched out along the body, palms facing forward (in supination), you lift the dumbbell in front of you by bending your elbows so as to bring it in front of your chest. It is the biceps and triceps that are solicited. Remember to exhale by lifting the dumbbell and inhale when you return to the initial position. You can do other exercises during a workout and also lift weights, sitting on a bench, to work very specifically on the biceps of each arm.


A basic strength training exercise pumps help to strengthen the pectoral muscles, triceps and the large serrated teeth. It's a great exercise because it can be done anywhere: in the gym, at the gym, at home, at the hotel, by the pool, wherever you are, even at the beach!

Two basic rules to follow:

  • Breathe in when you bend your arms
  • Exhale deeply at the end of the movement.

Well done, this exercise also strengthens the deep abdominal muscles. If your goal is to gain muscle mass, you can do your pumps with your legs resting on a Swiss Ball. The instability generated compared to a conventional position makes it possible to use more muscles in order to perform the exercise properly. Also try the Burpee with pump, a super complete exercise, which you can meet in cross-fit, for example, because it involves both the calves, quadriceps, buttocks, abdominals, pectoral muscles, deltoids as well as triceps!                  The best thing about pumps is that there are dozens of variants: elevated pumps, slammed pumps, jumped pumps with two chairs, pear tree pumps balanced against a wall, one-handed pumps, rolled pumps, alternating cross-pumps, triceps pumps. 


One of the best exercises to strengthen the biceps but also quite difficult to perform because it requires a lot of muscle power. Doing good push-up can take time and perseverance, be patient!

  • Make a push-up on the ground (the support is on the knees and not on the tiptoes.) The hands are spread a little further than the width of the shoulders.
  • Go down slowly and go up more quickly.

You sequence 4 to 5 sets of 10 repetitions.


An ideal muscular movement to strengthen your triceps and pectoral muscles dips consists of leaning on one or two chairs, a window ledge, sofa or metal bar, getting down and up your buttocks, keeping your legs straight. Wherever you are, you can do this exercise!

  • You're back in a chair. Bend your knees and lean on the edge of the chair with your hands. Your hands should be shoulder-width apart. The heels are pressed into the ground and the tips are raised.
  • Bend your arms to reach a 90° angle. Then push to return to the starting position. To intensify the exercise you can also do it with your legs straight.

You sequence 4 to 5 sets of 10 repetitions.

Abs & Crunches

To work on your abs, there are many options available to you. Regular abdominal exercises (It is recommended to do 1 to 2 sessions per week) can tone the abdomen, reduce fat mass in the abdomen and refine your waist.  

  • Crunch is the process of bringing the sternum closer to the knees by wrapping the lower back. Be careful with your spine when you block your feet!
  • The sit-up: also called chest lift is a very effective movement to tone your abs. Start lying on your back, legs bent, it consists of climbing up and down.
  • Leg kicking/scissors.

Cycling and swimming

The bike is an excellent tool to combine weight training and cardio work. After a 10 to 15′ warm-up, an endurance session will allow you to hit your fat and lose weight, while a high-intensity session such as a biking session will strengthen and shape your thighs and calves. The bike also works your abs and gluteal muscles, enough to sculpt your body, in preparation for the beach this summer!

Always remember that if you want to obtain results quickly and efficiently, it is recommended that you do this routine every day.