Kendall Jenner has one of the most enviable figures on the planet! Tall and toned, with curves in all of the right places, it’s no wonder we all want to know precisely what Kendall does to maintain her healthy figure. While many supermodels partake in crash diets, superfoods, and “miracle cures,” Kendall has a surprisingly balanced approach to her diet and exercise practices. Beyond Kendall’s eating and fitness habits, she spends a lot of time and energy investing in her overall mental calm and wellness.

We know that you wonder what Kendall’s steady and surprisingly relatable approach to food, working out, and self-care. We are too! There is no doubt that Kendall’s blessed with famously gorgeous genetics, but we know that she works hard to stay photoshoot ready. Keep reading to learn more about her consistently balanced approach to a healthy but sometimes indulgent lifestyle.

A Day In The Life Of Kendall Jenner's Diet

It is important to remember that Kendall is genetically blessed, but that doesn’t mean the girl doesn’t work hard for her long and lean figure. However, you must keep in mind that someone like Kendall, who has a fast metabolism, can indulge in treats more often without noticing any undesired results. Of course, Kendall’s food choices vary from day to day, but we’ve created a sample of Kendall’s daily eats to give you an idea of the foods that she regularly sticks to, which usually includes lean proteins and lots of fruits and veggies. Also, she never starts a day without her Kusmi detox tea.

For breakfast, she typically sticks to whole food options. Think oatmeal, avocado, and eggs. These foods are perfect for filling you up and keep you feeling satisfied for hours. As Kendall spends many of her days in meetings, photoshoots, or doing interviews, it’s incredibly important for her to start her day with filling foods that give her plenty of energy.

At lunchtime, Jenner reaches for a plate of lean chicken with brown rice or a big salad with plenty of grilled chicken. Kendall’s busy days leave little time for leisurely lunches, so she opts for something whole, delicious, and simple. Kendall keeps Justin’s Peanut Butter and carrots with hummus handy to satisfy any cravings for midday snacking.

Kendall wraps up her days with more indulgent choices for Dinner. She admits to eating out with friends at least twice a week and usually opts for sushi, vegan spaghetti Bolognese, or Margherita pizza. If she is going with a healthier option, she likely chooses a fatty fish such as salmon.

Jenner is no stranger to the occasional treat or indulgent snack! She admits that she loves all unhealthy foods – pizza, burgers, and pasta is her absolute favorite. Sister Khloe even confessed that Kendall is her go-to cheat buddy where they frequent In-and-out Burger. Kendall’s overall approach to her food choices is to keep it healthy and whole most of the time, with treats saved for dinners and meals with friends and family.

How Kendall Jenner Stay Fit

It is no surprise that Kendall is naturally athletic – her father, Caitlynn, is an Olympic athlete! But if you think Kendall is one for extreme workout plans, you may be surprised to find out that she takes a classic and straightforward approach to working out. This includes doing some form of a workout almost every day.

Kendall may hate cardio, but she confesses that she will still hit the treadmill when necessary. Notorious Hollywood trainer Gunnar Peterson leads Jenner’s exercise regime. He makes sure this supermodel gets in her cardio and strength training, along with plenty of core workouts to support her overall strength.

Jenner reveals that she prefers to work out with Peterson in the morning or hit up the occasional kickboxing class. A few of Kendall’s favored strength training moves include squats, deadlights, and pullups. But let’s not forget cardio! Kendall, whom Peterson describes as genetically and athletically gifted, puts in a lot of cardio work!

Kendall’s typical cardio moves include sled pushing, lateral banded moves, sprints up and down the track, and several extremely high-intensity cardio intervals. While Kendall admits that she is much more a fan of standing still and lifting weights, she knows that cardio plays an essential role in her physique and dedicates the required time and energy.

Maintaining Her Mental and Spiritual Wellness

Kendall has always been very open and honest about her struggles with anxiety. She places a high amount of importance on her self-care practices to help manage her stress and give her a sense of calm during her busy and hectic days.

Jenner is a pro when it comes to meditation. For years, she has practiced transcendental meditation., which is a silent form of mantra meditation.  She completes two twenty-minute sessions each day, which she swears helps maintain her mental health, clear her head, and practice mindfulness.

In addition to upholding her active, daily workouts, Kendall keeps a very relaxing and calm nighttime routine. Every night before bed, Kendall uses a humidifier with a tray for essential oils to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere. She favors lavender and eucalyptus oils, which she says she will use while lying down with her crystals. By taking time from her busy and chaotic work schedules, Kendall can center her mind and take control of her overall wellness.

The Bottom Line

Kendall definitely has a bit of an advantage over the rest of us – genetics, personal trainers, and access to the top health and wellness resources. However, there are many excellent factors from her diet, exercise, and wellness routines that we can all use! Her balanced approach means demonstrating self-discipline and awareness while also permitting yourself to indulge in your favorite treats on the occasional cheat day. Kendall may be a supermodel, but her classic and simple approach to health and wellness is realistic for everyone.